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Treatment for Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a liver infection with mild to severe symptoms that may require hospitalization. The longer hepatitis C persists, the more a patient’s risk increases for other serious health disorders such as liver disease, liver failure, and cancer. Thankfully in most cases, hepatitis C can be treated and cured.

Anderson Digestive Health Center provides complete, comprehensive care for chronic Hepatitis C infections, offering you the tools, medications, management and an expert care team to successfully complete the full course of treatment. Our care team is led by Gastroenterologists Dr. Anthony Thomas, Dr. W. Greg Thaggard, Dr. Barry Calvit, and Dr. Eric Plott.

When to Get Tested for Hepatitis C

Not all patients will experience symptoms from hepatitis C. Unfortunately, this does not mean the problem can be ignored. The infection will harm the liver even if the symptoms do not flare up right away.

Some factors that can increase your risk of hepatitis C include:

  • Being born between the years 1945 and 1965
  • You received a blood transfusion or organ donation before 1992
  • Using needles for illicit recreational drugs (risk increases even if this occurred years ago)
  • You have chronic liver disease, HIV, or AIDs
  • Receiving hemodialysis treatments
  • Your mother had or has Hepatitis C

Symptoms of hepatitis C may include an upset stomach, dark urine, joint pain, grey-colored stool, yellowed skin and eyes, and fatigue. Discuss your risk factors with your doctors and find out if a hepatitis screening is right for you.

How Treatment Works

Hepatitis C is usually treated with medication. Most patients are cured from hepatitis C after completing a 12-week treatment course. The latest medications have minimal side effects and high success rates (97%). During treatment, you will have access to a personal case manager and pharmacy concierge at Anderson Digestive Health Center.


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