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Meridian Swing Bed Unit

Transitional Care

Anderson’s Swing Bed Unit is a sub-acute program for patients who are ready for discharge, but need a little extra care. We meet the needs of patients who are in a transition phase of illness or recovery. Designed to offer medical and/or physical rehabilitation to patients whose needs cannot be met at home or in a long-term care facility, the Swing Bed Unit provides rehabilitation and recovery services based on the patient’s individual needs.

Our Patients

Anderson’s Swing Bed Unit is appropriate for patients who need to:

  • Complete medical treatment after an acute hospitalization for pneumonia, newly diagnosed diabetes, congestive heart failure (CHF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other conditions
  • Heal and regain strength for safe return home after acute medical or surgical stay
  • Receive intensive wound care
  • Receive orthopedic rehabilitation post hip or knee surgery
  • Receive stroke rehab for those not meeting criteria for acute rehab

Who qualifies for the Swing Bed Unit?

  • Patients who have had at least three consecutive midnights or more in any acute hospital
  • Patients with Medicare Part A or other insurance with hospital-based, skilled-care benefits and days available for skilled level of care
  • Patients who are willing to participate in the daily inpatient skilled care program

What is your responsibility?
Our goal as a skilled-care program is to assist you or your loved one in becoming as independent as possible for returning home. For that reason, patients are encouraged to dress in street clothes, eat meals out of bed and participate in daily nursing or therapy rehabilitation as needed.

High Quality Features

The high-quality features of Anderson’s Swing Bed Unit are:

  • Acute hospital-based nursing care around the clock
  • Medical and/or physical nursing rehabilitation
  • Availability of physical, occupational, speech or respiratory therapy as needed
  • In-house lab
  • Primary care physician or hospital-based physician for weekly visits and as needed